Tracking Customer behaviour through Shopping carts, Shopping baskets, tags or even Smartphones. Knowing every move your customer makes allows you to design the best shopping route.

"how effective are my second placements?"


IntelliDentity creates a fully automated database without the need for any form of customer registration or loyalty card. The database stores each individual customer by face recognition including specific profiling data. Each new customer is registered in the database. Every recurring visit is stored under the applicable customer ID. IntelliDentity's complex algorithm is capable of calculating possible "buddies" based on shopping habits.

"Which gender and age group visits our bread department most frequently?"

Customer breakdown

Combining IntelliDentity and IntelliTrack allows for detailed customer ID location and tracking. This combination provides valuable information to optimize your store layout even further.

IntelliDentity can be used as a tool to measure the outcome of campaigns. For instance a campaign to attract more DINKY's or a younger public.

"How many customers visited my store this week?"

Big data

Connecting IntelliMarket with your financial data provides for more complete customer profiling. This gives you the ability to measure non-sales and to add smart signage systems.


Once you know the exact real time location of each individual customer, you are able to create customized digital marketing targeting that specific customer. IntelliMarket will greatly increase the power of your marketing department by allowing them to customize marketing for each individual customer using their profile and location data.

"Digital individualized, customized signage"


made readable


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